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Only One Pocket.

That's the struggle of the modern ruin stalker. Fashionable hat? Check. Sturdy boots? Check. Pants with pockets? Well, one can't be fashionable and functional apparently. You only have one pocket.

Explore the depths of ancient ruins, avoid traps and deadly pitfalls, and after you've thoroughly explored the area, choose only one of it's riches to take home. Money, or armor? Bombs, or strangely cursed idols


You have to find the Key to open the door. Then you may choose one item to carry with you through the door.

  • Boots will allow you to ignore Falling Damage. Carry it through the door, and you get them permanently.
  • Hats give you extra Health. Carry it through the door, and you get them permanently.
  • Idols Open the Endgame Door. Carry it through to have it added to your pile.
  • Treasure once carried through the door is added to your total.


[Z] - Jump
[X] - Pickup Item / Interact
[C] - Use Bomb
[Arrow Keys] Move / Crouch

[D-PAD / Stick] - Move
(A) / (X) - Jump
(Y) / (Triangle) -  Pickup Item / Interact
(X) / (Square) - Use Bomb


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Really polished for a game jam game!