Tentative "Rising Tides" Update Patch Notes

These are the tentative patch notes for "Rising Tides". We're going to do final Testing and QA Tomorrow when I'm awake and can get more eyeballs on it. Hopefully we don't find anything new, and folks can be playing it by 8pm tomorrow!

"Rising Tides" Difficulty Update

Added the "Fault" building. It exists only to bring the player woe and is not otherwise interactable.

Added a new Event Card: "Fissure", it fractures the island in a line North-South or East-West

Added a new Event Card: "Cracking Foundation", it sinks all provinces around a Fault.

Implemented the Tides System Backend.

Added a new Event Card: "Stormfront", it changes the Tide Direction, and Sinks a Random Province 1 level. This is the first of our Tidal Cards.

Added a new Event Card: "Great Wave", it hits every province in the tidal direction. This is a very bad card.

Fixed a Bug where an Erroneous Event Card that was not meant to be included could end in a Soft Lock.

Added a new Event Card: "Child's Cry": It teleports a random hero back to the Cradle, and spawns 2 Mana there, while also sinking 1 Province.

Added a new Event Card: "Last Moment". It hits all Unlit Towers, and the Cradle.

Fixed a problem with the Move and Remote Ability Use Tiles that sometimes resulted in clicks not being registered

Added a new Event Card: "Oh Frack!": It converts a building into a Fault, and hits two adjacent provinces.

Added a new Event Card: "Leaking Pipes": It Sinks the Province a Fault is on by 1 Level, Sinks the nearest building to it by 1 level, and spawns up to 2 mana on the same province as the fault.

Added a new Event Card: "Mana Wind": It sinks a single province, and redistributes all mana on the island.

Added a new Event Card: "Atlantean Interference", it sinks a province, raises a province, and removes up to 3 Mana from the player's mana pool.

Tremor now no longer takes 10 Seconds to Resolve. It has been significantly sped up as per your many requests.

Added a new Event Card: "The Bow Breaks", it sinks all provinces that have been flooded 3 times.

Added a new Event Card: "Parched Earth", it sinks all provinces that have no Mana on any tile in them. Super brutal.

Added a New Event Card: "Unstable World", it swaps the locations of an Unlit Tower, and a Random Building, and sinks a single province.

Added a new Building, the first of our Second Generation Buildings. The Tidal Generator allows you to change the direction of the Tides.

Added a new Building, the Remodeler: It allows you to swap the locations of two buildings. It can only be used once.

Added a new Building, the Teleporter: It allows you to teleport a Unit anywhere on the map to any unflooded, unoccupied tile for 1 Mana.

Added a new Building, the Temporal Generator, it resets a province to its original flood level and restores any building uses it may have had.
Added the last new Building, the Floodgates. It raises a target province by one flood level.

New Event Structure: There are only a certain number of cards in the Event Deck of each type, as if a deck of cards. When a card is drawn, that specific card will not be drawn again, though there may be copies in the deck. When the deck is drawn to 0 the game will end.

New Lose Condition: The Deck Empties.

The Wizard's ability has been changed to fit the original design document: It may now remotely activate buildings from Afar.

Fixed the Issue where the Action button would become frustratingly difficult to click.

Units may not transfer the Scion back and forth at a cost of 1AP. They may also place it back into the Citadel.


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